These are my feet…I love my feet!



My feet are my feet, and unlike any others, they are truly unique to me. My feet are almost 50 years old.  My feet have had such an incredible job to fill. They have had to carry the whole weight of my body through out my life to date. I think about all the places they have taken me, pointing me in a direction of forward movement. It is with the help and guidance of my feet that I am able to walk, run, dance, ski, hike, bike and travel…all the things I like to do. They allow me the ability to drive a vehicle or walk me up a mountain and down the other side. They have run me away from danger or walked me away from hurt.  They have taken me down the aisle as well as into the delivery room. They have pointed me courageously equal in strength and stride next to those I love.

 We don’t seem to recognize or appreciate the importance of our feet…taking them for granted most of the time. For those of us in a northern climate we cover them in socks and hide them away in shoes and boots for most of the year. In southern climates, they can be exposed to the heat and dryness that causes cracking and bleeding of the heels.  Yet through all of this they remain as the base and foundation of our bodies, closest to the earth that literally grounds us, keeping us in contact to planet earth, always ready to jump into action as needed. Next time you have a moment take a good look at your feet and be thankful for all that they are, all that they do and the huge role they play in your life.

One of my New Year projects will see me working on a series about feet. Stay tuned!!



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