The Importance of Public Art

Why is Public art so important?

Public art occupies a unique position within the art world. It’s virtually accessible to everyone at any time without charging a fee.  At its very core, it enhances a city’s quality of life by:

  •  Making the places where we live, work and play more welcoming and beautiful.
  • Creating a deeper interaction between the community and its environment.
  • Adding dimension to civic spaces.
  • Increasing the community’s assets by creating images that help define a space.
  • Allowing the community to express its identity and values.
  • Demonstrating pride in corporate citizenship.
  • Affirming the educational environment.
  • Enhancing roadsides, pedestrian corridors and community gateways.
  • Beautifying the transportation systems.
  • Helping Green Spaces Thrive

The City of Calgary contacted me recently to inform me that I have been selected as one of several artists who will design for the Utility box program. These are those grey electrical boxes that are found in every community throughout the city. The city has a program in place that selects local artists to contribute a design for one of these boxes as part of contributing to bringing public art to the masses within the city and to make these dull grey boxes a little more lively. I just finished submitting the final design template for “my utility box” which will be found in the community of WildWood. My design will be a vinyl wrap which will consist of five of my paintings, one on either side of the box. The design should be in place by the summer of 2015.

Here is a sample of my design: 

Small Signal Boxes

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