Spain Residency 2015

I was in Almería Spain in Sept-Oct 2015 working on a specific project that would become a gift to the landscape at Joya: arte + ecología at Cortijada Los Gázquez.

The work Healing Palabra Ball is constructed from almond branch prunings that have been free woven together to create an organic shape. Palabra means word in Spanish and the shape holds several messages carved into the very abundant local clay which are attached to the interior of the shape with woven esparto grass and wool.

The piece has been placed into the water catchment system which has dried up and broke.

There are several theories as to why this has occurred, everything from the lack of rain due to weather patterns changing, over extraction of ground water at lower altitudes, soil erosion from outdated farming practices, non native species establishing themselves such as the Aleppo Pine tree which can contribute to further soil erosion.

Healing Palabra Ball is a healing gift to the landscape at Joya: arte + ecologia. It currently rests in an erosion gully within the catchment area where it may assist and prevent further erosion in this area. The word messages contained within offer a healing message to the area as the ball moves and settles within the landscape’.