Passion Series

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 Passion defined: Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm or desire for anything. A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. A state or outburst of strong emotion

 As a painter I paint what I feel flowing through me in the form and expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I respond intuitively in each moment that I am creating and working on a piece. My palette is generally bright and bold, symbolic in ways to an intensity that I am responding to as I work. I may have a starting point of a topic that I wish to explore deeper prior to beginning some canvases while others are absolute jumping in points of any given moment based on my intuitive guidance system within.

This series of paintings evolved out of the working topic of PASSION. Passion arises under many circumstances and it is not always sexually or romantically related. We can have a passionate experience about many different things in our lives..from a conversation with another to the energetic interplay between for example the climate of a place in time. Passionate moments surround us constantly and the emotion that comes with that is varied. There is also a layering of these emotional responses that develops over time and this is also an aspect that I work with in my work in the use of collage.

 Society places great expectations around the appropriateness of expressing passion and the need to contain it. I am exploring through my own experience how our passion within has its own agenda and will reveal itself on its own terms, appropriate or not to transform into something new, positive and beautiful and or sometimes with devastating results. Passion is about potential and it is the seed to anything creative, however that is interpreted.

My canvases in this theme represent a personal comment from different stages or moments in time or place within my own personal journey of my life. These are linked to my own sense of Passion from a passionate moment or experience that is either developing, or one that already exists and or is transforming into something new.