My second project in Iceland

I am also a photographer and with that comes an eye that is always searching for interesting and unusual scenes. I am typically drawn to colour, texture and contrasts in the world.

In Iceland one thing I have noticed is that the architecture is very boxy and functional without any detail or interesting features on the exteriors. After a while everything looks the same. In my driving adventures I started to notice only one type of architecture…and that is the churches. It seems every little village, hamlet and town has a small church that can be seen towering above all other buildings. This became interesting to me and I started to go and have a closer look at them. Most have been there for a long while and each is very different in the detail of windows, shape and colour. I started my own second project…chasing down the churches in Iceland. Have a look.

Selfoss Church DSC_1056


Stora-Borg Chapel

Mosfell Church

Skalholt Church Torfastadir Church

Mlodalur Church

Sod Chapel at Skalholt Hallgrímskirkja Church ReykjavikMosfel Church east of Reykjavik

 Þingvellir Church at  Þingvellir National Park


Ulfljotsvatn Church


Burfell Church

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