Livin La Vida Loca and the search for “new”

This is a Mediterranean Pine that I connected deeply with while recently visiting in the  Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid 

It’s interesting how I seek out the trees of a place when I feel the need to ground myself no matter where I am in the world. I have photographed trees for over 30 years and usually it happens in those moments of needing a direct method to connecting my energy with the experienced energy of a place.

Yes, it’s true….I’m back in Europe fulfilling several wish list items that have simmered away in the recesses of my being for quite some time. It all began with the making of a huge decision to leave my clinical practice this past summer in order to pursue my art on a more full time basis.

It seemed like the right time to make this change given the amount of time I have already been away in residencies over the past couple of years. I’m still in a transition period with this and have thrown myself into a complete cultural experience.

First and foremost I am attempting to learn another language. This is not an easy task at this stage of my life but I welcome the challenge to grow through this experience on so many levels. Of course I am also constantly being stimulated by my surroundings these days and this in turn will most likely show up in the next body of work that I do.

I will be capturing imagery and working on smaller sketch works that I hope to take back into my studio in Canada later this year and develop into larger concepts.

I have been filling my days with classes of instruction, visits to museums to study the masters, sampling food and drink, basking in the heat of places I have craved and dreamt about, reading, reading and more reading and yes knitting. (I have some creative ideas percolating around the sculptural qualities of felting)

I’ve been formulating new ideas and working out some of the finer details and really beginning to understand more about the cultural differences that exist between where I come from and what I am faced with currently each day. I expect to be in learning mode for the next few months, returning home before Christmas. This is a period of “study” and through that will come new knowledge, new influences, new experiences, new ideas, new exposures and hopefully some new art work, maybe even a new me!

I’m Livin La Vida Loca!!


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