Iceland Part 2

I have just passed the half way point of my residency here in Iceland and the landscape has changed so much since when I arrived. The rain came last week and nourished and fed the earth, mosses and lichens. This resulted in an intesification to the existing colour of things. Even the mountains have transformed with this bloom of green gold spreading across them. It’s similar to looking at an algae bloom in water only on land. There are also many species of birds either passing through on migration or settling to nest. The thing about Iceland is that there are very few trees and so the birds all hangout on the open ground and in the grasses. As we are getting closer to  summer Solstice the day light is increasing quickly. By June 21, Iceland will see almost 24 hours of daylight. Even now the darkness doesn’t really come until after midnight and only for a short while. The birds all start chirping at about 1:00 am. The sheep and lambs are birthing their babies so the outdoors have become a very busy place.

I have spent a lot of time in the past week in the studio waiting for the showers to cease. When I see a clear moment I grab my camera and quickly head out in search of something interesting to capture or I head to the secret hot spring pool in the middle of somewhere (but I’m keeping it a  secret) for a soak.

Check out some of my work below.





The nice thing about residency work is that you get to do a lot of experimentation if you like. I have been trying out  a few new ideas…working on some different surfaces.

DSC_1514_2 DSC_1528





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