And The Beat Goes On…


I’ve been travelling a lot in the past two years. In fact I’ve made five major trips, four International and one Domestic and three of them have been centred around my art. Previously, I never imagined that travel for my art would become such a huge part of my process but apparently it has and I seem to have found a very satisfying method to fulfilling my need to create within such a scenario.

There are many different reasons that I could offer as explanations as to why this seems to work so well for me at the moment. One of those may be the fact that I love the challenge of arriving in a completely new and foreign environment and having to find something specific that I can engage with. To some extent I believe I work better under pressure.  The act of arriving in a brand new place where the smells, colours, and sounds are so different, forces me to be much more alert and attentive to what is around me. I become like a sponge absorbing all of this information and then somehow I break it all down into some specific detail that I manage to work with in my art.

It doesn’t matter if I’m painting or taking photos, either way I will automatically and intuitively hone in on some aspect of what I have been exposed to that becomes my next body of work. I think I have done some of my best work while on the road in some obscure place on this planet.

Happily, and with a determined “happy dance” I can share here that I will soon be off on yet another travel art residency to a foreign land. This time it will be completely different in terms of the medium I plan to work in which has me rather intrigued for the challenge.

I recently received notification that my proposal to an ongoing project at an ecological art residency in Spain had been accepted. This specific project is fascinating to me because for any of you who know of my background for 20 years as an alternative clinical holistic therapist, my proposal project comes in as a “healing project of intention” to a landscape that has suffered immensely over the past 50 years.

My work will address a specific ongoing project that has to do with promoting sustainable and transferable adaptations to land use and water resources in an arid landscape. It will be sculptural in nature, built on location with fully sustainable local and biodegradable materials.

I will post more about this once I’m on location later this fall.




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